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Custom Flow Solutions specializes in the production and delivery of print-ready graphs, graphics, infographics, pages and entire documents. Custom Flow Solutions provides end-to-end automation solutions - from design, data acquisition and processing, local or hosted production and print-ready delivery to 24/7/365 support.

HyperGraph Print Media

HyperGraph Print Media automates infographics and even entire pages for newspapers and magazines. HyperGraph automatically captures financial market data from sources such as Thomson Reuters, AP, Bloomberg and others, and outputs print-ready graphs as EPS, PDF or Illustrator documents and places them into InDesign, QuarkXPress or CCI layouts.

HyperGraph Print Media is based upon the automation engine used at The New York Times, The Associated Press and The Boston Globe. Completed graphs and pages can automatically be uploaded to FTP servers for placement in CCI.

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HyperGraph Financial

HyperGraph Financial is our solution for financial reporting. HyperGraph Financial automates charting and layouts, and the generation of periodical reports and product fact sheets. HyperGraph Financial instantly and accurately converts any data source into either print-ready or PDF reports and fact sheets with any type of infographics.

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Demo and flowcharts

Click here to see HyperGraph Print Media flowchart

Click here to see HyperGraph Financial flowchart

NEW: Demo of HyperGraph automation system posted. Watch the demo right now!
This demo shows the CFS automated graphing and layout system, currenly in use by the New York Times and the Boston Globe, in action.
Click here to see the demo

Success Stories

HyperGraph Print Media:
Thomson Reuters - Reuters Financial Infographics
The New York Times
The Boston Globe
The Associated Press

HyperGraph Financial:
Fidelity Investments
Major Financial Services Firm


Sample of New York Times pages

Below are samples of pages created automatically using HyperGraph at the New York Times:

NY Times Buisiness page 1

NY Times Buisiness page 2



Hosted services

CFS now offers hosted automation services. Instead of installing and running the automation on your own systems, we will run it on our servers, giving you access to the finished product while eliminating the need for support, training, personnel and space.


Custom development services

What we do is simple: we take your ideas, templates, images, data and workflow requirements and create an automated system that produces the desired results as InDesign or Illustrator documents, PDFs, EPS, image file formats, PowerPoint presentations or web pages and websites.

We can generate layouts, catalogs, books, images, graphs, and just about any other document type you can imagine.