Reuters Launches Competitive Solution for US Newspapers’ Financial Pages
Based Upon Automation and Designs from Custom Flow Solutions

(New York, NY...March 18, 2010) Reuters today announced it will offer automated delivery of customizable, print-ready financial data layouts to US Newspapers, at an attractive price. The solution leverages Thomson Reuters assets as the leading financial news and information provider.

The offering, Reuters Financial Infographics (RFI), provides camera-ready pages and graphs that can be customized to individual newspaper requirements, RFI sets a new standard in the presentation of financial data and saves newspapers time and resources.

“RFI was created as part of a larger strategy to address the unprecedented challenges facing media owners today,” said Christoph Pleitgen, managing director of Reuters news agency for Thomson Reuters. “Our media customers told us they need more than content, they need workflow solutions. And the solution we are launching today is specifically tailored for the current needs of US Newspapers.”

Reuters has teamed-up with Custom Flow Solutions, a development firm specializing in publishing automation, to deliver this product.

“Our technology solutions combined with Reuters strong reputation as a financial data provider, is the perfect fit,” explained Hanaan Rosenthal, Managing Director for Custom Flow Solutions.

For more information about RFI visit

March 2010

Custom Flow Solutions announces HyperGraph Financial

HyperGraph Financial was created to serve the reporting needs of financial services companies. It automates individual charts and graphs and complete financial reports, sales presentations, product sheets and more.

March 2010

In praise of Custom Flow Solutions

“After more than a year of close collaboration with Custom Flow Solutions, I can say without hesitation that they deserve the highest marks for trust, meeting expectations and for being leaders in their field.” Jean-Francois Huertas, Business Development Manager, Reuters Agency

February 2010

CFS to join Thomson Reuters at SABEW

CFS Managing Director, Hanaan Rosenthal, will join Jean-Francois Huertas of Thomson Reuters, London at this years SABEW conference in Pheonix, AZ.

Hanaan will present Reuters Financial Infographics to financial editors from around the country.

December 2009

CFS automates annual weather chart for The New York Times.

This chart includes all temperature and precipitation data for an entire year for New York, Boston and DC.

NYT weather chart

July 2009

Custom Flow Solutions automates retail catalogs for the Navy Exchange.

The automation is expected to save the company hundreds of hours and shorten lead time from weeks to days!

May 2009

CFS and Reuters introduce Reuters Financial Infographics at SABEW

In a highly anticapated debut, Hanaan Rosenthal of CFS joined Bipasha Gosh, Reuters Global Director of marketing to introduce Reuters Financial Infographics to hundreds of financial newspaper editors.

February 2009

CFS begins delivering financial layouts to The International Herald Tribune.

On February of 2009, IHT financial pages will include layouts produced by CFS's automation server. The server will extract data from Thomson Reuters databases, produce three separate layouts and deliver them to IHT in a completely automated process.

The layouts will be created three times a day to compliment IHT's various international editions.

July 2008

Custom Flow Solutions Announces "HyperGraph" - Automated Print Media Graphing Software

Read the press release

May 2008

Circulation of CFS newspaper graphs hits the roof!

Every day, millions of readers get their financial information from graphs automated by Custom Flow Solutions.

Over 5.6 millions daily readers view graphs created by our software in The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Associated Press.

April 2008

System demo movie posted on CFS site.

Now you can see the system in use by The NY Times and the Globe at work. Click here to see the demo.

January 2008

John Thorsen Jr. joins Custom Flow Solutions.

CFS is proud to have John join the team as head of Q/A and in charge of client relations.

John is an automation veteran who founded several companies such as TECSoft and Connected Hearth.

January 2008

Hanaan Rosenthal speaks about publishing automation at MacWorld San Francisco Conference '08.

"This was my fifth year of presenting at MW and it keeps getting better. Paul Kent does a fantastic job at making the speakers feel welcome and get the most out of their time at MacWorld."

October 2007

CFS automates Money and Markets graphs for The Associated Press

The AP hired CFS to create an automated system to streamline the production of graphs for use by member organizations.

"The match between The AP and CFS was a natural fit." Says Hanaan, "The system was operational within two months and is now enabling The AP to produce a high volume of graphs in various configurations automatically in a matter of seconds."

August 2007

CFS automates The New York Times weather page for the four daily print editions.

After tremendous success using HyperGraph, CFS's automated layout system, for automating the charts and layout of the business pages for the daily paper, the system was adopted and is now used by the Times to automate the weather page for the four editions: New York, Boston, DC and National.

December 2006

CFS updates it's automated system at The Boston Globe to produce the year-end versions of the financial graphs printed in the daily paper.

Given the flexible nature of the system, the updates were done in a short amount of time and ran flawlessly. "It's always a challenge to create scripts that run only once a year" says Hanaan, "You have one shot to get them right, and I didn't want to be interrupted on New Year's Eve..."

November 2006

CFS creates a system for The New York Times that automates the creation of pages depicting the thousands of American casualties in Iraq.

"This was by far the most emotional project I worked on. It almost felt wrong to automate it, but it was the only way The New York Times could have gotten it laid-out and printed on time." Says Hanaan Rosenthal, Principal at CFS.

September 2006

Hanaan Rosenthal, Principal at CFS, gets second edition of landmark "AppleScript" book published by Apress.

Review: "The 'Comprehensive Guide' subtitle for this is an accurate description of the contents of this book. If you are interested in gaining a solid understanding of AppleScript and its use in the Mac OS X, buy this book. It jump starts your development activities and lays the foundation for a disciplined development style" Mike Lloyd; Mac Guild Review.

July 2006

CFS automates the redesigned Money & Markets graphs printed in The Boston Globe

After working with The Globe for over ten years, CFS gets the call to automate the creation of the graphs printed in the Money & Markets section of The Boston Globe.